First contact physiotherapist

Knee injury

Our First Contact Physiotherapist team (FCP) is based within your GP practice.

FCP’s are physiotherapists with enhanced skills in the assessment, diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal problems such as back, neck, joint, muscle, ligament or tendon pain.

These conditions can be a result of minor trauma, posture, overuse, or sports injuries.

Our FCPs provide patients with early access for assessment locally within your GP practice. They provide expert advice, information, and guidance on treatment options and management for your condition or injury.

To make an appointment with an FCP, speak to your practice reception team.

If you have a problem with your neck, back, bones, joints or muscles and feel unwell, contact your practice reception team.

Introducing FCP

Your appointment

Before meeting with you, the FCP will read through your medical history to understand your present issue. At the appointment they ask you about your present issue and any relevant past issues. They will perform patient centred care and share decision making with you to make sure your wishes are listened to and all options for treatment and management are discussed.

The FCP will record the session discussion and treatment options in our electronic system which is accessible to your GP.