Minor injuries

How to treat minor injuries at home

Many minor injuries can be treated at home with advice from your local pharmacist and over-the-counter first aid products, but if the condition worsens or you can't deal with it at home, seek medical help.

Examples of minor injuries include:

  • Shallow cuts and grazes
  • Bruises and skin lesions
  • Sprains and strains
  • Small burns and scalds
  • Foreign bodies
  • Head injuries where the patient has not lost consciousness


Knee injury

Bridgwater MIU

The nearest Minor Injury Unit is at Bridgwater Community Hospital. 

Bridgwater Community Hospital
Bower Lane

Phone 01278 436555

X-ray is available at Bridgwater MIU during these times:

  • 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday
  • 9am to 5pm weekends

To find another Minor Injury Unit go to the Somerset NHS Trust website.

Minor Injury Unit

If you have a non-life threatening injury or illness and need local care with short waiting times, we can help you at your nearest Minor Injury Unit (MIU).

We have MIUs in community hospitals based at:

  • Frome
  • Glastonbury
  • Shepton Mallet
  • Chard
  • Bridgwater
  • Minehead
  • Burnham-on-Sea

They are all run by emergency nurse practitioners, who are nurses with specialised training and skills in emergency and urgent care. They are supported by staff nurses and healthcare assistants.

Our MIUs provide urgent care to patients closer to where they live. They keep our emergency departments free to manage critically ill patients and those with life-threatening major injuries.

Our team of emergency nurse practitioners diagnose and treat a wide range of non-life threatening minor illnesses and injuries. Common examples include:

  • chest infections
  • throat infections
  • eye infections
  • urinary infections
  • emergency contraception
  • sprains and strains
  • broken bones
  • cuts and wounds
  • bites
  • minor head injuries