Complete Community Care Project

Bridgwater Bay Primary Care Network (PCN) and Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership have partnered to provide advice and activities to new and young families. Lots of the new activities are fun and free, and will help to improve the health and wellbing of mums and their children.

The project focuses on what is important to new and young families to:

  • develop confidence in managing your own health and wellbeing
  • gaining knowledge of common childhood illness 
  • provide opportunities to meet others and become better connected
  • take part in free outings and events that are fun

We know that what is good for you is also good for your child. You may wish to better your health, your social support, your education or work opportunities. You can be the most positive influence in your child's life.

Each participant will start with an individual consultation to chat through what is most useful to you. 

Mum and baby playing

Regular activity is good for your health

The project also includes ways of bringing more activity into your family's day. We know regular activity is proven to protect our health in many ways:

  • It keeps your joints moving well. If your joints are stiff and sore, gentle movement can give relief and restore the proper use of your joints
  • It helps to keep your muscles strong. Strong muscles support your body and bones better. When you are stronger, you move and support your weight better so you become less prone to injury. Staying strong will help with bringing up a family, where lifting children, pushing pushchairs and bathing children all put strain on our bodies
  • Staying active is good for your mental wellbeing. Taking part in exercise will help you feel good and have a positive impact on being a parent. Group activity is also a great opportunity to meet people and have fun
  • Regular movement supports your pelvic floor. Your body goes through a huge task when having a baby, exercise can help strengthen your pelvic floor which will benefit you for carrying out everyday tasks

To take part or for further information contact our Health and Wellbeing Coach, Claire at or call her on 07305 049958. Each participant will start with an individual consultation to chat through what would be most useful to you. There will also be great opportunities for you to meet other mums and create new freindships in a calm and welcoming environment.