Community nursing

District nursing Bridgwater and North Sedgemoor

Our district nursing service provides high quality nursing care to individuals in their own homes and residential homes across Somerset. The service works in partnership with patients, their family and carers, primary care, acute care, social care, independent and voluntary sector, specialist community health teams, older person’s mental health teams and independent rehabilitation teams.

Our district nursing teams are each led by a team leader and include community registered nurses, assistant practitioners, registered nursing associates and healthcare assistants.


Our district nursing service will triage referrals from anyone who contacts them, such as patients, relatives, carers and other professionals, such as GPs, hospitals, hospice, care homes and social services.

Referral criteria

Our service is available to patients over 18 who are housebound and require nursing care or meet one of the following criteria:

  • You’re a post-operative patient who is temporarily unable to travel
  • You require end of life care
  • You are neutropenic and are undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy or your health condition would lead to travel or attendance at a clinic being detrimental to your treatment or recovery
  • In the professional opinion of the district nurse team leader, it would be appropriate to carry out your treatment or care at your home

Community nursing

Response times

  • Urgent referrals will be telephoned and discussed with the receiving nurse and clinically triaged within four hours
  • Non-urgent will be clinically triaged with access to service within 24 to 48 hours
  • Routine will be clinically triaged with access to service with one-three days
  • Post-operative visit access to service on specified date
  • Timed visits for example, specified medication requests

Our principles for practice

We will:

  • Provide high quality, culturally sensitive nursing care in your own home
  • Promote and maintain independent living
  • Promote a coordinated approach to your discharge from hospital
  • Reduce the incidence/frequency of admission and readmission by supporting and educating both you and your carers to seek early intervention for potentially debilitating conditions
  • Adopt a public health approach to all areas of practice to reduce ill health and promote healthy lifestyles
  • Promote an evidence-based approach to clinical activities
  • Involve you in both the planning and provision of our services

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